Make a button to GoTo your dashboards from the forums!

Hi guys!

Is there a way to go back to my dashboards while I’m on the forums? Sorry if I missed it!


Hey @Murgiuf and welcome to the Infinity Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t quite catch your question… From forums? :slight_smile:

You can return to dashboard once you enter a specific board by clicking on Infinity logo which is located at the top center of the screen. It looks like this:


Let me know if I misunderstood you. :slight_smile:

I’m eager to help out!

Hi Coa!

Thanks for the quick answer.

What I mean is a button or link in the footer of that redirects me to (My board!)

Best regards,

Hey @Murgiuf,

Thanks for a reply! :smile:

Oh, that’s what you meant! That’s a good idea! I’ll put this idea into the backlog, and I think we can include a button which would lead from Infinity Community Forum to the Infinity app (or at least website).

Thanks again for the suggestion!