Multiselect (with SHIFT and CTRLCMD keys)


Hi, I don’t think it was suggested before (maybe something similar was here:
Option to change multiple fields in a column at once)
but I would really like to be able to select multiple items at once (a range like with SHIFT key or just a few like with CTRL/CMD key) and drag them to another column or folder.

I just tested Trello import and thought how nice it that my ~40 lists i can divide into 3 folders, co in each folder i just have a dozen or so lists. Unfortunately, dragging them (items, not even colums) is so time-consuming.

Or is it already implemented and I just couldn’t see it?



Hey @man,

Thanks for taking the time to open this topic.

Multiple select is a MUST. I’m 100% with you that it saves a bunch of time and makes the flow much efficient.

We’re talking it through and thinking of a concept for a couple of days/a week now. I’d love to announce that it’ll come soon, but let’s wait for a bit more. :slight_smile:

BTW. I’m super glad that you’re happy with the Trello Import feature. It works like a charm, aye? :smiley:

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Great! Share any mock ups if you feel like having some feedback :smile:

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Another way that multiple select would be helpful:

I review a list of items and there may be several to which I would like to assign to the same label (or checkbox). I could select all of the items that are appropriate and then apply the label to all of them at once.

For example, I have a folder that I call inbox - everything goes there first. Then when I process the inbox, I notice several (let’s say…oh, 6 items) that I would like to apply the label “next” to. I could multiple select those 6 items, then select the “next” label.

(Now when I go to my general overview and select the tab that has “next” as it’s filter, I can see all the items that I am going to work on right now.)




That sounds a lot like GTD and I hope I’ll be able to adapt Infinity to GTD-like workflow.

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I really like GTD when I read about it, but in practice, I find myself not quite implementing it to perfection. I probably use the “next action”, “Project” and “if it takes less than 2 minutes” alot, but after that I end up doing some weird hybrid of Covey/Kanban/ and that thing where you set a timer for 20 minute increments.



Please please please add multi-select in all views. Also, please consider adding the ability to drag a field downward to copy a field in table view (much like in airtable). This would be incredibly helpful. Also, if you have multiple items selected and you change one field label while selected, all fields change to mirror the initial change.Thanks!



+1 for this (wish you guys had a voting system)

(gfdñlfñhlñl sorry needed at least 20 chars)



This truly is a MUST have feature for me as there is no way to select multiple items and edit them in bulk at the moment either right?

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Hey @marc.maessen,

You’re right, sir.

We’ll do our best to speed things up regarding Multiple Select.

I agree it’s definitely a must!



I’m really feeling the need here… Is there any update on the ETA for this?



Hey @BaiJie,

I’ve just spoken to the dev team, and honestly, they’ve said that it’s not on a high priority list.

I’ll try to remind them and see where we are with this over the week, but I think the guys have a lot on their plate right now…

Sorry that I don’t have a better answer right know.