Need shareable links


Definitely need shareable public and private links like most other modern apps (i.e. Notion, Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, Milanote, Evernote, and many others.)



Hey @infinity.justs,

That feature is due May 1s this year :slight_smile:

Hope that sounds good.

And hell yeah: It’s very important to the workflow and for proper work processes.



Awesome! I know that there are so many features on the roadmap it is only a matter of time for each incremental improvement. Hope things are going well with the LTD sales. Nice to see the community growing. Coming up on one very impressive year with Infinity. looking forward to the future.



Thank you very much for the kind words @infinity.justs :slight_smile:

Your support has been amazing, and you’ve had a huge impact on our success during the LTD offer.

Let’s keep rocking!

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Hi! Any updates on this? I would LOVE to keep all my work on Infinity but I have to share it with some steakholders… :frowning:

Please please please allow us to share public links to a view.

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Hey @roquero.clara,

Welcome to Infinity Community forum!

We hope to see at the end of Q3. :slight_smile:

It’s going to become a priority after advanced permissions most probably, which are around 30% done.