Need shareable links

Definitely need shareable public and private links like most other modern apps (i.e. Notion, Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, Milanote, Evernote, and many others.)


Hey @infinity.justs,

That feature is due May 1s this year :slight_smile:

Hope that sounds good.

And hell yeah: It’s very important to the workflow and for proper work processes.


Awesome! I know that there are so many features on the roadmap it is only a matter of time for each incremental improvement. Hope things are going well with the LTD sales. Nice to see the community growing. Coming up on one very impressive year with Infinity. looking forward to the future.


Thank you very much for the kind words @infinity.justs :slight_smile:

Your support has been amazing, and you’ve had a huge impact on our success during the LTD offer.

Let’s keep rocking!

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Hi! Any updates on this? I would LOVE to keep all my work on Infinity but I have to share it with some steakholders… :frowning:

Please please please allow us to share public links to a view.


Hey @roquero.clara,

Welcome to Infinity Community forum!

We hope to see at the end of Q3. :slight_smile:

It’s going to become a priority after advanced permissions most probably, which are around 30% done.

Really need this feature , it a really important feature . Any updates , please share

Hey @rishav,

Public Boards are available in Infinity. :slight_smile:

You can click on the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner of the screen, and you’ll receive shareable + embeddable links for your boards.

Also, you can set two basic permissions for ‘Guest Users’ (people that see your board, but don’t have an account):

  • Create items
  • Post Comments

Hi @coa, this discussion is not related to a public board, it’s about sharing filtered view and grouped views.

Something like this - Need shareable links
the first post of this discussion.

Got it!

@rishav, we see this feature as an improvement to the Public Boards feature (limiting sharing Tabs/Views only), maybe even folders. :slight_smile: Hopefully we can see that in the near future.



Hi, this means that we will be able to share only one table view for example?
That would be great!

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I am still evaluating Infinity, and I really like what I see. There are just a few things that would be great feature additions for the way I work.

Now that there are public Infinity links, I wondered if you had plans to have more permissions on public links? Permission to copy would be great and (I believe) something that would really help build your platform. I currently share a lot of trello boards (workflows) with clients (since trello allows copying public boards to another account).

This feature would be awesome. Is it in the pipeline at all?

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Hey @john.giftakis, @samantha,

Yes – We’re definitely going to improve both Public sharing options + permissions. We’ve launched them about a month and a half ago, and will definitely improve them in the following period of time.

New permissions are gradually being added every month.


+1 for shareable views.


This will be awesome to have. I personally use this feature to build Lead Magnets that generate their own value!!! I.e. the responses the user is filling in are captured in a view and the view is shared post form submission. I do this in airtable currently.

I love the idea of being able to share specific views of the data with others.

Maybe this could also be linked in with a referral scheme? I.e. A share link that is only accessible to a logged in member? I would suggest having both types of links. Guest and Registered User.

Can’t wait for this feature in Infinity :slight_smile:


Hey @CodeKnight

Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

I’ll definitely think this through and see what can be implemented :slight_smile:

Awesome Growth Hacking idea!

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Here is the example use case:


This has come up again today as an essential feature. I’m building most of my stuff in a single board, however i only want to share the product roadmap folder with the public, unfortunately i cannot only share this, i can only share the entire board which is a bit too revealing…

An update on when this feature is planned?


Got ya! Sorry that this is still not possible in Infinity.

However, I believe we might go back to new permissions this fall at latest…

For now the solution would be the duplicate the whole board, and delete the unnecessary folders in the duplicated board, leaving you remaining with the only Roadmap folder you need to share. Then, of course, you’d share the whole (new, duplicated) board publicly.

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Hi there, I have been looking for this thread as my first entry in the community forum.
Do you have any updates please?