Primary attribute not functional in notifications


Good day

I am aware that there were changes made to accommodate custom Primary attributes if you did not want to use the “Title” attribute.

According to the above update (New UX Improvement: Primary Attribute)"…able to have one primary attribute of your choice which will always act as the item’s name - for example in notifications, references, calendar, etc." This is however not the case for us.

All our notifications, push and email, arbitrarily contains other attributes (non-starred items) from our folders. Rarely it would use the “Title” attribute.

Any ideas?



Hello @christo, welcome to the community!

This sounds strange indeed. I would like to recommend that you get in touch with our chat support - it’s the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner when you are inside the tool. This way we could investigate a bit further what the problem could be, if there is a bug or if it’s something else. :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Thank you Jovana

Will do!

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