Reference Across Boards


I currently use Podio, in which we can reference items across folders, boards, and workspaces.

This allows me to stack up invoices, contractors, project leads, clients, and then relate them to projects in different spaces. Airtable will not let you do it, and right now I’m not seeing that Infinity will either.

I WANT to switch from Podio, because it has some real limitations. But universal linking is AWESOME and provides such functionality. So right now I don’t see being able to replicate that.

Please consider!



Hi @ben.tomlin to our Communiy!

I remember something about plans to link items from different boards in the same workspace but @coa from the team will definitely tell you more.



Welcome @ben.tomlin! I think there are many of us here who agree that this is an important feature and it is supposed to be coming in some form. For now, the reference attribute might get you started. It doesn’t work across boards but does work within the same board. For that, you would look into utilizing the folder structure to house info rather than separation by boards.

A couple similar threads here to follow. How to link an Item inside of another Item? and How are Items/Folders/Boards/Workspaces linked?



Hey @ben.tomlin,

Along with using the Reference attribute as @infinity.justs suggested, the other workaround I use is the Links attribute as a way to include items from boards outside of the board I’m working in. Since Reference doesn’t work across boards, Links is the most effective way I’ve found to combine essential items that are spread across Infinity into one place. With it you can link to the url of folders or specific items from other boards.