Searching for Comments (Comments Upgrade 2.0)

The search bar searches through Items, and Folders. Could it also search through comments?

Perhaps it would be better to search comments inside the comments tab? Have a search button cooked in to each item, that allows you to search through those specific comments?

Maybe both of these could be implemented?

Maybe the search bar could have an advanced search function?


A better search is always a nice improvement. :smile:

My vote would be an advanced search function that allows you to take a deeper look at specific attributes or all attributes for a board. It would be similar to how we can toggle which attributes we want to see in our views via the ‘Customize’ function and comments would be included as an option. The default toggled-on attributes would be Items and Folders to keep search from taking longer than it needs.

Taking a step back from this, the ability to search all boards in a workspace and all workspaces would be pretty crazy too. I don’t know the technical limitations behind that though. Just has me thinking…


Hey @BaiJie and @veronica,

I’ve created a new ticket in the ‘Suggestions’ board: ‘Improve Search options’ that could work a little ‘deeper’ than items :slight_smile:

But TBH, not really sure where would it fit in the current roadmap. Maybe as a ‘Medium’ priority :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response!

Can I ask what is highest on the roadmap RightNow? When will we get to have a peek at the infinity development board as well, for the lifetimers that bought in?


This week (Saturday) or early next week: Notifications, Templates, new Onboarding, new Homepage, UX/UI and speed/usability improvements.

For the next month: Table import/export, sorting feature, Gantt View, Zapier integration…

That’s just a peek into the roadmap. But we’re finalizing it, and thinking of a way how we should share it. Maybe embed it somewhere on the website, invite LTD members into a board, or sharing the image here on the CF :slight_smile:


Yes! Excited to see a roadmap… more excited to see Infinity continue to develop and evolve.