See all tasks assigned to a user across all boards and workspaces

I have several boards where all the team members are assigned to their tasks. But I can’t see the tasks of the members at a glance.

I am stuck without this feature. I’ve been waiting for this feature since April 2021. I don’t know why this feature is not done 1% yet. Really frustrating…

Any updates on this one? I’m willing to bet that if you surveyed all users, this would be a unanimous “YES” from all customers.

afaik this is a huge function to develop. It’s in the planning stage of the roadmap. It has less votes than Automations, that’s I guess why the team developed that first. But since automation has been completely released yesterday, it´s hopefully time now for this functionality, but I think it will take quite some months to develop it.
Vote for it here, if you haven’t already:

+1 for this feature. i am agree

Hey @coa wahts the status of this as I can see its still on the planning stage even though is the most voted? Any possible solution soon?

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Would like to have this as well.

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Very much needed functionality

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hopefully this would be available soon

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+1 to this. It’s a

Teamwork has a nice approach too for this with a “my work” item wich has sub parts to show
my assigned tasks
my projects
my inbox (comments and messages)
*I can’t put a screencapture because we are not longer using.

But the main essential thing we need is can view all my tasts - items.

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Guys, are you developing this? This is really a must-have.