Send to functionality - mobile based

I know this isn’t something you will be working on until further integrations and development, but I wanted to make sure it is considered earlier in the process. A “send to” function on mobile platforms and/or browser plugins could be a make or break feature for me in the future. I have so much data that I need to quickly add to a list or board that comes from web sources, and I simply don’t have the time to manually enter everything. I need to be able to push it to a list or board so it doesn’t get lost in the chaos of my work schedule.

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Hey @melody!

Thanks for opening this topic. And welcome to our Community Forum :slight_smile:

Yes, we’re thinking about this specific functionality to be part of our ‘Automation’ feature, which we’re planning in a few months from now. (late Q1 2019 or beginning of Q2)

Our Community will definitely see the significant improvement in our software by that time, and I’m sure it will be very helpful to members with the similar (or same) use case as yours.

I can’t wait for that :slight_smile:

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