Automation Features Ideas/Master List

Hi All,
Currently we have a bunch of feature requests that fit in the “Automation Features” Category, but knowing what is currently on the roadmap is hard to keep straight. I thought I would open a Topic that allowed us all to collaborate. If there is a master topic for automation, it will be easier to know what is already suggested/planned, and it will be easier to brainstorm for new ideas.

Here is what I currently see:

  1. Webhooks for Automation (Webhooks support)
  2. Recurring tasks/reminders (Recurring tasks)
  3. Automated Checkbox management based on labels (Checkbox/Label Relationships + Theme File) (Workflow stages vs. "complete" checkbox)
  4. “Send To” Functionality (Send to functionality - mobile based)
  5. Auto Start/End Date with Date Ranges (Another Date Request: Date Ranges)

Here are some other things I think would be nice:

  1. Auto Time Tracking (track how long the item is open)
  2. Auto reminders based on time an item is untouched (for those forgotten tasks we all have)
  3. Auto Calendar sync (this may be an integration feature)
  4. Auto Contacts sync (also a possible integration feature… I think this would be an awesome template idea too… contacts organization inside my project organization!)
  5. Auto notifications of how much work is left/already done on projects (configurable)
  6. Card Linking - If x happens to card A, x also happens to card B

Are there any other items on the table for development in house? are there any ideas that we can add to this thread? I think Automation/Notifications are where we get some really cool magic, now that there is a good foundation to work and organize from!


Hey @BaiJie!

Thanks for opening this topic! Let me try to cover all of the new suggestions one by one:

  1. We’re brainstorming about building a separate Infinity feature that would cover this functionality and be a cozy time tracker of our own. If not, we’re hoping the best to come with Integrations with some other time tracking tools.

  2. Reminder feature - Yup, in the backlog.

3 and 4. We had in mind these kinds of functionalities, as well. Syncing your stuff would be really good, but we’re hoping to cover that by our ‘Import’ or ‘Export’ features like for .csv files and so on.

  1. What an awesome idea! Yeah, progress tracking is a must here. It’s also in the backlog, but not on the priority list for now :slight_smile:

  2. I think we’ve also covered this before on the Community forum, and it is also in the roadmap of features/functionalities to build (as a part of an Automation feature)

Also, I’ve took a screenshot of this matter and put into the Suggestions folder, just in case :slight_smile:

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