Some split screens shouldn’t assume mobile functionality


if you use the infinity iPad app at split screen sharing the screen with another app, but you get the infinity app 75% of the screen width while in landscape, it’s the same as if you have just been through the app open with no split screen but the tablet is vertical.

When this is happening, the infinity app is 70 formatted like the phone version, with reduced functionality and reduce the views, even though with the tablet in landscape mode and the infinity app taking up 75% of the screen with, it has just as much real estate as the app does when it’s taking up the whole screen but the tablet is vertical. So the app should still be fully functional when it is 50% screen with or more in landscape mode.



Hi @jeffhaskin1

Thank you for all the detailed explanation of what is happening. I believe, actually, I know - that is due to the super optimization the app is designed with, which can be annoying sometimes for some users, depending on the usecase.

I will talk with the team about this, to potentially see if this can be optimized differently in order to create a much better experiencing when using multiple apps or multitasking with the iPad.

I am curious, have you tried to use infinity app through the browser, and force it to load it as a “desktop version”. Depending on the browser it might give you the chance to load it as 'desktop site", open with “desktop view” and similar. It might not work again - due to the size of the “window” / “screen”, but I would give it a try.

Phone -> forced desktop view:

Please let me know if that changes anything for you, I’ll be around to get the info and update the team on this whole situation.