Sorting feature isn't permanent

Hi all,

I noticed that after I have sorted a board, I can still move the items around in each list, without having them maintained in the original sorted order. I have three thoughts:

  1. Don’t let people move stuff
  2. Don’t have the sort appear in the view settings. I’m thinking Trello (image below), where sorting could occur at the list level.
  3. Some hybrid of both (it is really nice to be able to sort the columns… I don’t think that functionality at the view level should be removed.)

No, please don’t make sorting permanent!!!

I need to sort stuff and then need to be able to rearrange items. If I want them sorted again I can always resort.

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Maybe I misspoke… I just meant while the sorted view is on, require it to maintain that view. It wouldn’t be permanent. I think the hybrid option, where you can have a combination of a “Sort” button to have the columns organized, or have a “Sorted View” Option, where the items maintain their sorted status, would be the best for everyone.

Hey guys @BaiJie, @knuthake,

Hmm, I had to think a while to see where to go with this.

So I think locking items after sorting them wouldn’t be so good solution right now.

@BaiJie, so you think that after the original sort happens, it should be moved to a sidebar/modal, or am I wrong? So you can ‘lock’ the setup that you’ve made?

Let me elaborate:

The Picture Below shows 2 current sorts in the view options bar. One is alphabetical, and the other one is priority (not important for this demonstration). The Picture Below shows the result right after I set the view to be sorted.

Now, I move some of the cards around in the same list. The current setup allows me to do so, but the view still shows that it is sorted. In order for me to re-sort the lists, I have to remove the sort, and add it again.

If I were to walk up to a coworker’s station and see the sort option active, I would think that the sorting feature didn’t work. The way the site is currently designed, I would think that the items should stay in alphabetical order. However, I see the limitations to this option, which why I suggested maybe a button that does a one-time sort like Trello (See image below again) (this could be implemented at the list level, or at the board level, I like the board level better but see the convenience of sorting individual lists instead).

I love the sorting feature, but feels like there is some polishing that needs to be implemented. I personally would like to see the current sorting feature made into a permanent part of the view mode, with an additional sort option at the list level.

**Another thought. If I make any changes to the way that the items are sorted, clear the sorts up in the view bar. I think this is a great way to resolve the issue as well.

@coa, @knuthake, and @infinity.justs, do you have any thoughts?

Hey @coa,

Another Idea for sorting I just had was by amount of activity (i.e. number of comments, attachments, etc.). It might be cool…

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@BaiJie, got it.

So I just tested moving/drag & dropping items after the sort.

In Table view, the app doesn’t let you move items after the sort. It’s ‘locked’.

However, the case is completely different in Columns (because those two views are working in a slightly different matter).

What we’re probably going to do is implement the same thing from Table View to Columns View: ‘Lock’ the items from moving after the sort is applied. You’ll be able to move items between columns (tags/dates/members/checkboxes), but not in the same column.

Just until we think of a ‘hybrid’ solution / compromise. :slight_smile: (Maybe like in Trello)

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Beautiful. Thank you!

Something that might be worth adding to the discussion is what happens after you remove the sort… should it maintain the alphabetized order, or go back to the original order that it was set up in? I don’t know what’s best, but I thought I’d add it to the bowl.

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I would still like to move things after I sorted. If I want it sorted again couldn’t I just use the sort functionality again. Please do not make sorting for column view permanent without the option to disable the permanent functionality


The ability to sort is one of those handy features that has the most dynamic and fluid range of specific uses. There are likely unlimited combinations of reasons and ways people sort things. That’s a lot for Infinity to accommodate!

The best implementation is one that allows us the flexibility to quickly and easily “lock” and “unlock” a sort. Also, setting up the “lock” function so we can lock a single sort or a designated group of sorts, would allow us the most flexibility of use.


Hey @BaiJie, @knuthake, @chrish

I think @chrish is right: Sort is definitely one of those features with a wide variety of use cases.

‘Lock’ option (as a button, or settings) is definitely the best solution, and I’ll advocate for it among our team.

@BaiJie, I think that once you remove the sort, the items should go back in the initial order. That’s the way it works now, but again: I’ll make sure to include this as a point when the next ‘Sort’ brainstorm happens :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!


I agree, I just see a roadmap tangle with managing all of these… haha

Maybe it should work like this: I turn on the Sort. Then I move some cards around in the same list. The sort then shows a notification that shows that the sort has been adjusted, with an option to “re-sort”…

I think the “lock button” is fantastic!

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+1 for a notification that shows that the sort has been adjusted, with an option to “re-sort”.

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