Time Attribute Alone


I work with specific events that have time values but not date values. It would be really nice if I could have a time attribute alone, or be able to turn off the date attribute in the time/date



I was just looking for this the other day!

I found this feature request: Another Date Request: Date Ranges

But I, like you, would like to have a dedicated attribute for “Duration,” which is available in airtable and a field I regularly used.

Another, maybe easier to develop solution, could be for the Infinity team to add another option to the dropdown for different “number” attribute types: Integer, Decimal, Percentage, Currency, and Custom.


I’m currently using “Decimal” with “.00” two decimals for minutes in some columns and in others, I measure hours by putting hours and rounding minutes as follows:

.25 ➞ 15 mins
.50 ➞ 30 mins
.75 ➞ 45 mins

This is not ideal. I would like to have one column representing “Duration” and allowing me to measure hours and minutes as 00:00.




Mine is more a “start time” and “end time” with no associated date, which then I usually do a calculation on to determine duration ( or “start time” plus duration equals “end time”).

I have also implemented a decimal solution for the time being, but it creates another step for me at the end. Not huge, but it would be nice it I could have the value in Hours and Minutes and AM & PM.

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Hi @Michael4, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

What @Jordan suggested is a good workaround until this feature is developed and implemented.

But your use case totally makes sense and I’ll make sure to add this as a suggestion if it hasn’t been suggested before. Thank you!



I am also looking for a “time” attribute. Specifically, we are using this for a podcast and I need to put in the length of an audio segment in this format: 00:03:24 This would be three minutes and 24 seconds. And then I’d like to use a formula to add up the segments to get a total time.



Yes! A “time” number format would be just fine for what we need. This format: 00:00:00

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Hi @samech.online :wave:

Thank you for your feedback :pray:

We’ll make sure to forward it to our dev team and add it to our internal tickets for this feature as well!

Cheers :v: