View Types Coming Soon

I am curious when the new View Types that say coming soon are schedule for release. I am most interested in the “gallery” view. Thanks.


Hi @denny, most of that is being discussed starting from a post from @coa you can find in the Infinity Product Roadmap . Just click and have a look over there.


Hey @denny!

Thank you for the question, and @ton for hopping by. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to cover all three ‘Coming soon’ views:

  • The first one on the menu is ‘Charts’ or ‘Gantt’. We’ve been working on Gantt for the last couple of weeks/months. We’re hoping to see it at the beginning of May. Anyway, it should be live in May.

  • Regarding Timeline - we’ve had it in one of the previous versions of Infinity (before we pivoted to the current one), and I think we could use something from the previous one in order to publish the new one this summer.

  • Gallery: Hopefully this fall (or Q4 this year). :slight_smile:

Hope that’s okay with you guys. Thanks!


Thank you - I was just curious. Gallery type would be most helpful to us personally because we would like to use this as a “work board” for social media planning but I understand your timeline. I thought Gantt was next based on some discussions I had seen already. :slight_smile:

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I can’t find the option to VOTE UP Gallery but I want you to know this view is really important to me and the only reason I can’t fully migrate from Airtable. Check out one of the ways I use this valuable view type in embedding the directory of my volunteers for my website:

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