When the right-side modal is open in its own window, stop the item's title from moving up out of view when scrolling down through its assigned attributes

When an item that has a long list of attributes is being viewed within the right-side panel, while scrolling down through its attributes the title of the item doesn’t scroll up out of view. It remains in constant in view at the top.

This is an excellent feature because being able to constantly see the item’s title while scrolling down through its attributes, provides a consistent visual and in-mind anchor of the various attribute’s relative connection to the item, as well as any relevant attribute action-steps that are necessary with respect to the item. This is hugely important and beneficial when working with multiple items that have dense attribute configurations which require a complex arrangement or sequence of action-steps (arguably one of the most advance features of Infinity that enables users to tailor it to their specific needs and workflow).

When the right-side panel is dislodged and centered in its own window, this feature doesn’t exist. Here, when scrolling down through an item with a long list of attributes, the item’s title also scrolls up and disappears from view. This is frustrating because we lose the extremely important benefit I described above. I find it’s quite disruptive and majorly slows workflow that within the modal when it’s open in its own window, I have to constantly scroll up to the top of it just to see the item’s title because it is the only way to visually refresh my view/recollection of it.

I discovered this discrepancy because previously it was quite rare that I dislodged the right-side panel to work in it. However, now I’m working on being more fluid in using Infinity and its feature-set, so I just discovered this behavior.

@chrish, that’s a great catch.

Thank you very much. I’ll make sure to forward this to our devs and we’ll try to make the same logic/functionality with the center modal, like it is in the right sidebar. :slight_smile:


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Great…looking forward to it!

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