When the right-side modal (right side panel/bar) is dislodged and centered (center modal), stop the item's title from moving up out of view when scrolling down through its attributes

@Jovana and Fellow users…Please take a moment to check out the UX improvement suggestion I posted to the Community Forum:

As you’ll see I posted it in January, before the Public Roadmap was set up. At the time coa responded that he’d have the developers try to make the logic/functionality of the center modal the same as it is in the right sidebar.

I heard no more about it and it hasn’t been implemented. It’s clear that the request fell through the cracks, which is understandable given the pace and priorities of the development schedule from then to now. Also, I haven’t copied it to the Public Roadmap until now, and I thought I’d give it a bump here too.

Please take a minute to review the suggestion on the Public Roadmap - link below - and upvote it. I think it’s something all users would appreciate. I’m surprised other users haven’t raised it - at least not to my knowledge.


That´s a good one and makes total sense!

PS Don’t forget to vote for it yourself :upside_down_face:

Yeah…thanks for the reminder!

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Hi @chrish, thank you for that suggestion. I really does make a lot of sense. I will create an internal suggestion as well and ping our product manager to ask her if this would be possible and how easy it would be to do it.

I’ll come back when I have news. :slight_smile:



Thanks! I hope it can happen soon. I really like the flexibility of being able to dislodge the panel to work with it in the center, but having to constantly scroll up to navigate and reference the item title kills the experience and practical flexibility of it.