Workflow stages vs. "complete" checkbox

I’m used to Trello, just checking out Infinity. Cool so far!
I see items in Infinity have a “completed” checkbox. But when I check that, the item doesn’t move from “In progress” to “Done”. Is there a way to sync those fields (so it automatically moves when the checkbox is clicked for instance)?


Hey @garyo and welcome to the Infinity Community :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

Infinity still doesn’t support that type of feature, but we’re planning to include them into our ‘Automation Processes’ which will be live in a few months.

For now, you have to drag & drop the item from one Column to another (The assumption is that you’re talking about Columns View, and different Columns grouped by labels ‘To do’, ‘In progress’, ‘Done’).

But the process of drag & dropping items is the same in every view :slight_smile:

Do you think that would be a good solution for now?

Sure, it’s easy to drag over to the “Done” column. But it’s weird that the default setup has both a “Completed” checkbox and the Done column. Which should be used for what? When I finish the task, what am I supposed to do? Both? Why?
Maybe your default setup shouldn’t have the Completed checkbox if it doesn’t do anything.

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Hey @garyo

I completely understand your issue, and the logic is obvious in that situation.

However, we’re still not in that stage to prioritize tasks as much (like, for instance, in other tools).

You can leave all the tasks with a completed checkbox in a ‘Done’ Column, and later filter them out with specific conditions.

Also, we think that Completed Checkbox is a very valuable Attribute to include for the sake of describing tasks more precisely, no matter which View a Member use. :slight_smile:

We’ll work towards implementing the Automation feature ASAP.

Thanks for your awesome feedback! You rock :slight_smile:

I think the checkbox is for a completely different use scenario (in most cases).

The checkbox feature is fantastic for a basic set of tasks that don’t have to have a “doing” column, or just for menial tasks. I must say I am very excited for the automation stage of development. That is where things get really exciting!

Perhaps this discussion could be one of improving templates that are provided to the customer. Maybe if we could submit sample templates to the Infinity Team for consideration? that way unique layouts, ideas, and setups could be provided, almost as a big brainstorming session for optimal functionality and setup for those who haven’t spent as much time on the platform/those who could potentially get stuck in the same rut for all projects when there are better ways to organize workflows…


How about a template “marketplace” with a star ranking system? (I use marketplace loosely, I don’t see people charging for templates). There can be the infinity basic ones, and user submitted specialized templates. That would be pretty cool and give tons of options.

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Hey guys!

Thanks for joining this topic!

We’re working on including more templates (both fixed and custom) in Infinity. We’re considering both options and searching for ways it could fit in perfectly with our software’s flow.

I’ll update you more regarding our progress on templates, okay? :slight_smile:

All the best!

Hi, I just started with Infinity.
Still learning how to use everything.
I wanted to know if Automations are available yet?
It doesn’t seem like it, but maybe I am missing something?

Welcome to the communicty!
Automations are not yet available - unfortunately.

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Hey and welcome to our CF!

Like @micck mentioned, automations are still not available but will be a part of Infinity in Q2 2020. :slight_smile: