Zapier Integration (beta)

Hey guys, Zapier integration is ready for beta testing :rocket:

It is currently invite only and you can access it only via this link:

Just click accept invite and you’ll be able to use Infinity to create Zaps.

What are you going to connect? :slight_smile:

Our team already connected Gmail, Intercom and Typeform and it’s working really nice.

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I like it!

Here’s a quick issue I found…

I am trying to integrate Office 365 by creating a calendar item each time a new item is created. Unless I specify down to the Folder that I want it to watch, I get this error:

Thanks for the hard work!

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Hey @BaiJie!

Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

We’ve encountered a couple when it comes to Zapier integration, but that was to be expected, as it’s still in the Beta/Test version.

I’ll make sure to forward this to one of our developers dedicated to building Zapier integration.

Many thanks, again!

Following my suggestions in the announcement roadmap on the Timeline/Gantt view, I’ve started experimenting with Zapier to see whether the suggestions could be automated on that end.

Some issues so far:

  • Reference attributes cannot be updated.
  • It’s quite cumbersome to per example build a trigger that updates other attributes on an Item as you only get a partial set of IDs from an Updated Item trigger.
    • An updated item trigger only has the IDs for { Folder, Item }
    • Reference attributes only have the IDs for { Board, Item }
    • However, updating an item requires the IDs for: { Workspace, Board, Folder, Item }
  • Certain values don’t allow proper population by Custom Advanced Values - Update Item doesn’t work properly if the Folder ID is auto-populated.
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Hey @lumenon_infinity,

Thanks for taking a deeper look into our Zapier Integration!

I’ve noted down the issues you had and will share them with our team. Let’s hear a response from them.

Just to make sure: You’ve used Zapier 1.0.4, right?

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Yes, this was the latest version available, 1.04

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Would it be possible to get notified (post in this thread) when a new version of the Zapier plugin is released (even next alphas)?

Hi @lumenon_infinity, you can change notification settings of this tread. At the bottom click normal and change it into Tracking or Watching.

Yup, already set it up. I meant more that as new versions get available that someone from the team post in this chat so I don’t need to keep force refreshing the Zapier page everyday. :smiley:

Saves me a bit of time as I’m currently in the process of exploring the setup/design of an Infinity board for transitioning our team onto for the next project.

As you’ve gone through 1.00 - 1.04 in less than a month I presume that the team is actively working on this, so I’d like to try out the integration as it becomes available.


I will create an official statement here once there is a new version. :slight_smile:

Also, we’ve covered some on the updates in our FB group. Here’s the link:

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Hi, I’m not sure if this’s a proper place for this - when trying to find “empty” attributes (of course only active ones - being in use, eg. attribute - Description, but without any text), Zapier cannot find it - there must be anything “inside” to be visible for Zapier. I’m not sure if it should work like this.

Hey @Bartosz, there are a few bugs in Zapier currently that we need to fix. A few urgent matters arose in the prevuous weeks so we didn’t have time to focus on completing Zapier, but it should all work smoothly soon. :slight_smile:

Good morning from Tenerife,
At the end what happened with Zapier. Is it officially integrated or still in beta? Have you solved the bugs mentioned?

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Cheers to the beautiful Tenerife! @f.sellingsloh

It’s still in Beta, and we’re in the process of fixing the 1.0.7. version.

We’re hoping to see the solution in a short period. :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding and patience.

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