Date past due notification

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How can I get a notification when the Date associated to an Item is past due ?

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Hey @docs.controlesdisa and welcome to Infinity Community forum :slight_smile:

We’ve just published the Notifications feature which allows you to see when:

  • You’ve been invited to a new workspace

  • You’ve been invited to a new board

  • You’ve been assigned to an item

  • You’ve been added as an item watcher

  • A new comment is added to an item you’re watching

Reminders for specific dates (notifications improvements) are planned for the very next release. :slight_smile:



Was that released and went unnoticed / I can’t find/use it, or we’re stil waitng for “past due notification” to be released?

Hey @Bartosz, we still haven’t released it. :slightly_frowning_face: In the meantime, some other things became priorities and reminders got pushed for a bit later.

Maybe got any tip how to make smth like that with what we have now? Scheduling without working deadlines is pretty hard.

Have you tried creating automations with Zapier? Maybe you can create some sort of reminder until the real thing arrives. :slight_smile:

is there integration Infinity with Zapier? Can’t find… :thinking:
edit: find beta, maybe not elegant solution but it works…

We’re still finalizing it, there are still a few bugs. But it should be completed soon. :slight_smile:

@docs.controlesdisa You didn’t answer his question and it is extremely important for all of us. We need some type of alert when a task has not been done in X amount of days. The notifications you implemented have nothing to do with what is really important.


@market, I understand that, completely.

Reminders feature, at that point, was very hard to implement alongside Notifications.

There are a couple of ways to remind people of certain tasks in Infinity currently.

I’ve mentioned one here and gave a detailed brief of the plan behind Reminders feature.

As this threat is nearly a year old, I have to say I’m disappointed that this feature isn’t yet implemented!

Has anyone found an effective way to setup notifications based on due dates? This seems like table stakes for any project management system.


Yes this would be a very helpful feature.

I really like how amazing Marvin has implemented this. Look at the screenshots.

You can reschedule task very quickly thanks to their popup solution.

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This doesnt look like infinity? How was this done? Is it an integration with another app or some work around?

It’s a screenshot from another app not related to infinity.
As a suggestion for the infinity developers how this can be implemented.

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ah ok. plenty of those…

Hey @micck, thanks for the idea/inspiration from Marvin. Once we start to fully define how this feature will be implemented (which should happen in the following weeks according to my knowledge), I’m sure we’ll check the best examples (such as this) out and try to find the best solution. :slight_smile:

Dear COA as I seen this extremely important future has been still incomplete! And I think this feature is the simple one you should integrate to Infinity before the app announcement. I can’t get any notification even I assigned me to some item. Could you share a date or time when you will fix this issue quickly?

I am in the same predicament. I switched from a paid subscription in Trello to Infinity. Date notification was very basic functionality in Trello. In April of 19, you said it would be in the next release. When can this be expected?

Hi @dan.polaski and @soglab :slight_smile:

Since Coa isn’t with Infinity anymore, I’ll take the liberty of answering the question.

While this is true that we don’t have this feature yet, it is a bit more complicated than it might seem. In Trello, you have a field called ‘Due Date’ and that’s that, whether in Infinity you just have ‘Date’ and you can create different types of dates, depending on what you need.

Now, it’s due to this flexibility that it’s a bit tricky to create a feature such as Reminders in Infinity, because the system wouldn’t be able to recognize which Date attribute is actually a due date. Does tha t make sense?

However, you can rest assured that we’re working on this feature: