Due dates for Checklist items

Hi there,

I’d love to see checklist items coupled with due dates, and reminders for those due dates.

Allowing those checklists to be implemented into the calendar view would be really cool too! there would be multiple dates for the same item, but it would be task based instead of item based.

Hey @BaiJie :slight_smile:

Hope this will be helpful:

Let me know of your thoughts!

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Hi @coa,

I do have a thought…
Is there a way to archive these subitems, maintaining the relationship to the main item, but not showing it anymore when the item is opened up?

I’d like to somehow mark tasks as done, or completed. I also want to be able to look back on my tasks that I completed, without having them build up on each item.

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Here is a great example of how to approach checklists! It took Trello a decade+ to get there. Hopefully Infinity will be much much faster!!


Sorry for a super late response, @BaiJie

Maybe storing the subtasks in a new ‘Archive’ folder, that can also have subfolders organized by weeks?

Just an idea.

@infinity.justs thanks for sharing! This is so cool. :slight_smile: Infinity will take much less time to build this, definitely. :slight_smile:

What do you think guys – who has built it better?

Trello: https://blog.trello.com/advanced-checklists (focusing more on a checklist - attribute in our case)

or Zenkit: https://zenkit.com/en/blog/subitems-and-hierarchy-for-zenkit/ (focusing more on a UX/drag&drop between items)

We’re currently discussing these two options. :slight_smile:

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Definitely Zenkit’s subitems. It’s more powerful and enables gretaer flixibility which is Infinity’s hallmark.

Btw, their implementation reminds me of Quire.

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I’m gonna be that guy… I like both!! Haha

I definitely like Zenkit, and my first reaction was to just pick them. But adding dates and assignees on top of that would just make my day/week/rest of my life! (Add the reminders features, and seeing all tasks feature combined with that, and getting on Infinity would start to be one of the happiest parts of my day!)

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Indeed as well as start dates