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I would like to pitch the idea for full email integration. This is a bit of a dovetail to @man’s idea of an inbox/collection space. Not exactly the same but rather complimentary features.

I am thinking of a true email integration the way IQTELL constructed it. IQTELL supported all email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, Apple, Yahoo, Yandex, SMTP, etc.) and was the most powerful productivity tool I have ever used. I am really hoping Infinity will be the next most powerful tool.

People moan about having to use email, yet everyone still uses email and it is not going to be replaced anytime soon (even as products like Slack try.) Email is tremendously powerful as an initiation point for tasks, projects, and communication. It just fails in its singularity.

IQTELL built off of email and created an incredibly powerful productivity ecosystem including calendars, Evernote, tasks, projects, and much, much more. There really hasn’t been anything like it and Infinity looks to be the closest yet.

I would love if Infinity would consider a direct integration with email. Not a connection (Zapier, mail-in, add-on, etc.) but a true in-app integration. Take a look at this brief video to see what I am talking about.
The #1 reason we love IQTell


That’s GTD fanatics dream come true :smile:

I guess, however, that practically it would mean developing an email client within Infinity and that’s beyond Infinity 1, 2, or even 3. But if it comes to the moment of doing it, I would be totally in favor of it. On a side note, I fantasize about Universal Inbox app where all my incoming stuff lands (ideas, emails, texts, calls, tasks, etc).


Or just an IMAP/SMTP integration. But I agree it is wishful thinking on my part.

Maybe Infinity will be successful enough to just buy the IQTELL code :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Makes sense, email is still the most common form of communication.

But just like @man said, it’s a really big bite for us at this stage ( that doesn’t mean that seed will not start to grow over time :slight_smile: )

However, we are planning to make Gmail add-on/Chrome plugin in Q1 2019 which will be able to create Items from email.

Also, there will be Gmail integration through Zapier for automation tasks:

  • Create Items from new/starred/labeled Gmail emails
  • Save attachments from Gmail emails
  • etc…

What options would you like to have when it comes to emails in Infinity?


I don’t use gmail for business but IMAP server (so the extension wouldn’t work for me). The basic functionality would be to forward emails to Infinity where the title of the email would be Item name, email message would be text area attribute (I don’t remember the correct name), and attachments would be just files.


The Chrome extension would be ideal for me but would like it to support both O365 and Google. Trello, Todoist, and Wunderlist are three excellent examples of extensions that work across both ecosystems with extremely tight integration. The Outlook add-ins from Trello, Evernote, Todoist, and Wunderlist are brilliant! I would look to those for inspiration.

The ability to tick a single button and take the entire content of an email, attachments included, and turn that into a task in Todoist or Wunderlist, card in Trello, or full featured note in Evernote is what has saved my sanity since IQTELL went away.

If I could accomplish the same thing with Infinity, only across both Google and O365, that would be amazing!!!


As a previous IQTell user, I echo @infinity.justs comments here. I suspect getting that kind of really tight integration was difficult to do for IQTell and as far as I am aware no other app achieved that. But if Inifinity can get at least close to this at some point it would be a game-changer for productivity apps!


I use GMAIL for work, email integration would be super helpful. I’d have to touch base with Risk Management, we do work with confidential materials, any insight on privacy components?

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I never got the chance to use IQTell… but I LOVE the idea of having full email integration, because, let’s face it – Email is where almost everything happens in most businesses.

I’ve attached a link below to a newer website called Flow-e. They have done an excellent job of integrating email into their services. In fact, their service is just a wrapper around the email that allows you to KanBan your email if it is 365 or Gmail. If infinity could have some kind of similar organization, where emails ARE items, and can be responded to and organized just like other emails, it could truly turn into an all-in-one app.

It is a bit of an overhaul to pull this in, but this is invaluable to me. I spend way to much time in my inbox, and Infinity is helping me get pulled out… but maybe we shouldn’t be pulled out. Maybe we should be investing a little more in it.


Not really new, I’ve been a Flow-e user with a lifetime account since 2017. It is a very good app but nowhere near the quality or power of IQTELL. Flow-e is more in the vein of Yanado,, Tasksinabox, Drag, Sortd, GQueues, or even Mailbird. I would describe these apps as efficient but confined. Good single feature apps that provide utility.

That said, I agree 100% with integrating email. A vast majority of my projects and tasks originate in email. My one complaint about Infinity is the lack of options for pulling in/collecting content. I still use Evernote every day because of the powerful collection features including the webclipper and tight integration with email apps. Same for Trello and ClickUp. I would use Infinity more if there were better collection/integration options.

I don’t think Flow-e is the ideal setup for Infinity to model but I do agree that email and data collection are significant areas of opportunity for Infinity.


You’re right… I guess it is just new for me.

How do you see the implementation work for Infinity? Would it be navigated to via the sidebar, and have a completely separate page, similar to IQTell? Or would the email be accessible as a widget embedded in any active page (perhaps like the feedback button on the bottom right)?

I agree that Infinity doesn’t have the content import capability required to be fully functional yet. It is early enough though that if we can give a clear direction, perhaps it can migrate that direction…


That’s a good question. There are probably multiple means to the end for Infinity. I’m curious to see what they come up with for the Chrome extension. That might be the first option for content collection even from email. Ability to forward emails into Infinity is probably the minimum expectation.

As I mentioned in the OP, there are plenty precedents to review and good examples to follow. Todoist does simple email integration as well as anyone. Trello, Evernote, and Wunderlist each do it well too. Especially impressive is that Todoist, Wunderlist, and Trello all integrate their collection abilities equally well with both Gmail and O365/Outlook. Evernote is outstanding with O365/Outlook and the mailto Evernote feature works ok with Gmail but more advanced integration/collection between Evernote and Gmail required help from other apps like Zapier or Pleexy.

I think the app to watch is ClickUp. They seem to be makng all the right moves and are taking integrations and ubiquity very seriously.


In all this converstation about email, I’m not sure (based on my technical ignorance) if the option that I think might be the easist has been address…can’t we just give a folder it’s own email address? And give item’s their own email address?

This is the feature that has kept me on Trello for so long. If I could forward emails (and have the body of the email in the comments and the subject in the item description and have the email attachments be attached to the item, the sky would be bluer, the air would be cleaner and sex would be better.



Hey @jmerante

Awesome idea. Integrations are the next high priority task after we completely establish the payment system within Infinity.

I love the way you think. I’ve taken the screenshot and showed it to our developers, as well as put it into the suggestion queue. I like it very much :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything you do.

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-1 for this (focus on your core product guys, don’t build an email client yet)


Extension would be the best option. Basically it will bring a vertical long box on the right side with the default board selection and the text selected as the task title and the user should fill the remaining columns.
2) Also need task creation by emailing directly to from the registered email.(detailed task creation using templating)


Another competitor just added one of the best Gmail integrations I’ve seen. Notejoy is bringing their A game on this extension! Really, really nice. I would love to see this in Infinity soon!

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Yep, i use this with Trello currently. Email to Trello card. I could see it working the same way in Infinity. Super handy for product development and CRM use-cases.

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Hey @glen,

I highly suggest checking this article:

An extension to gmail like Gmail-To-Trello is KEY.

This extension is amazing as tot that it can do. It can create a card in trello ar append to one, add labels, due dates, etc.

Also, adds a link BACK to the email!

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