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Great mention, @landofawz
I use Gmail-to-Trello too. There are several Gmail integrations from other apps, as I mentioned in earlier posts, that provide great examples for Infinity to evaluate.

@coa, also consider that Trello, Evernote, Todoist and ClickUp have this same feature set for Outlook/O365 with their Microsoft add-ins. Each is a great example without requiring third party app/extension.

My current solution to address Infinity’s missing email integration feature is using the Trello and ClickUp integrations for both Gmail and O365 in conjunction with Zapier. It works, but having to send to Trello or ClickUp, wait for the Zap, then move the item where I want it in Infinity is a momentum killer. It’s also chewng up my Zapier credits at an already pace. Hope to see infinity catch up soon!

This really is the dream list of integrations for infinity.


@infinity.justs, great app mentions.

I don’t use O365 so don’t have to deal with that.

Currently, this is what I do

  1. For Gmail, use Gmail-to-Trello and add to my Inbox (I use GTD Methodology)

  2. For things on websites, I use Add-to-Trello Chrome Extension. Again to Inbox

  3. For anything on my Android phone, I use the Trello App so I can share to it and put things into Inbox.

  4. Every morning, I import the Trello Inbox to Infinity then move the correct folder. As a side not, I have a top level folder called “Everything” then have sub-folders for each area of responsibility. This way, I can see everything roll up.

  5. After the import, I go back to trello and use Multi-Select-for-Trello Chrome Extension so I can just click on the Inbox List (selecting all the cards) and delete all of them in a couple of clicks.

  1. I also maintain my recurring items in Trello and they pop up at the top of my Inbox at the appropriate time.

It’s my hack, but works pretty well. I find it smooth without my resistance for me to use.


First of all, @landofawz, great use case (or maybe workaround :wink:). I"m a big fan of GTD (and OKRs btw) and would like to use Infinity exclusively in my workflow. Some time ago I put this suggestion: Team Inbox / Personal Inbox and if it were implemented, the next step would be to have email integration first, and then integration from other apps.


@man Thanks!

Your suggestion is great, too!

I’m not familiar with the acronym OKR. It sounds great!


Thank you @landofawz :slight_smile:

OKR = Objectives, Key Results
Although some people say it’s totally diferent from GTS, I like it to help me with focusing in my Engage mode (and can be extended to the whole team/company).


Thanks for the response. That is a pretty good workaround. I use a little easier method.
I setup several Zaps for my most important Trello/Infinity boards. I use the native Trello Gmail and O365 integrations to send any items to an ‘Incoming’ card on each Trello board and then Zapier automatically pushes those cards to the relevant Infinity board.

It all happens in the background and then I can go to Infinity and those items are waiting for me to sort, edit, update. Trello does an exceptional job of pulling in the important points so that the end result is very good. (E.g. if all of the action items that I needed were in the body of the original email, that text is now on the Infinity card. I can easily copy and paste as multiple subtasks.)

This is about 70% as good as having a native option in Infinity and I have it honed down well enough that I can get by until the Infinity team can bring us these important feature upgrades :smiley:

I also have several Zapier accounts to keep from going past my free limits during busy weeks.

One more tip if you are like me and have multiple businesses or roles, you can use Wavebox to setup multiple identities where you can easily move between multiple accounts/workspaces in one browser. (I.e. I have 5 Gmail accounts and 2 O365 accounts that I use for different company roles. I have each setup as a profile with all of the apps that I use in that role. I have two Infinity accounts, one tied to a GApps account and one tied to an O365 account. With Wavebox I can swicth between the accounts with a single click without ever having to login or out. That is also how I manage 3 Zapier accounts simultaneously.)

This is what that looks like:


I agree entirely @man
I have been grabbing OKR templates from Trello, ClickUp, Monday, Airtable and anywhere else I can find them, importing them to Trello and then importing those into Infinity. They are not quite right without the email integration (even with some Zapier tinkering) but not too bad.

The one used by Hubspot and Buffer seems to fit one of my teams well (OKR).

One of my clients uses this one: OKR Roadmap
I find the V2MOM method from Salesforce interesting as well.

I am hoping at some point I can get savvy enough with Infinity (assuming the necessary functionality also comes) to build a similar setup to Profit, which is an excellent OKR tool.


Hey y’all!

Just a huge, huge shout for all of you who have shared your feedback and ideas. You rock!

Here’s something that might help:


Same here regarding email to board/card for Trello as well as direct integration in Outlook to add items and actions to add cards from Drafts.

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IQTell… oh, the pain and the joy of it all. So, as a new guy (entrepreneur in systems development, digital marketing, social media, independent film, television projects, father, husband and all-around “why not try” guy) on Infinity who has been wandering through Task/Project apps for 40 years, some quick thoughts:

  • I am thrilled to have found Infinity. I have come off of ClickUp and TickTick because I see and sense the care and attention to design in Infinity. My intent here is to encourage Team Infinity to deliver an email integration of some sort.

  • I say “some sort” because in my view, as laudable/insane as it may be on paper, a task/project world is always going to involve email (at least, incoming). Even the “no email” task/project management folks have added extensions (not a Zapier connection) to flip emails into tasks…Of course, Team Infiinity knows this.

  • IQTell, was the only previous generation developers who “got it” in combining a complete email client program into GTD Task platform. No Kanban back then but a thing of beauty. And then, Microsoft (I have been a MS Partner for 30 years) killed them. On purpose? Not really. IQTell just could not keep up with the protocols determined by Microsoft Office.

Next, in a variation of the full email integration, there was Flow-E that wrapped itself around both O365 (and still does) and Gmail. Except the email client wars (all connected to the money-making part of the big ISPs like Gmail) heated up and Google’s new requirements for brave but small Flow-E forced them to disable the Gmail integration. Another version of a “full” email integration, half-alive.

Now, I would argue that since most Task solutions are businesses-oriented, no business should be using Gmail because of what it says about your branding (none) and business (yikes, you can’t afford a private email domain?) but that is another thread.

So, please Infinity Team (and I know you already know this is for emphasis mostly) - no need to over-reach on email to task functionality. It is boots-on-the-ground critical in my view. Don’t make Todoist’s mistake of promising it for too long then releasing the “new Version” and not deliver it to then find out that a whole bunch of people who don’t necessarily chime in on Forums wanted it. And so, they went looking elsewhere, as I did to TickTick. If you can then connect my out-going email to the client/task great, too But first thing’s first, right?

OK, end of an old man’s email integration/IQTell/GTD rant… no I mean “post”.

Did I forget to mention that I would really like to see a solid, simple email to task integration? Because based on all the good thinking and exquisite engineering I see already see on these Pages, this is a “no-brainer”.


I wish I had the opportunity to experience IQTell before it went down. People either never heard of it, or quickly named it as their favorite tool. I have used Flow-E, and switched to Infinity just after.

Please Infinity, I’m on email all day. I’d love a native integration.


Jovana, great update this week on the new Windows Desktop version. That sincerely meant and said, I hate to be a broken record on this subject but please, please please give us an email to Infinity Task conversion. As hard as others tried to convince us that a world without email(s) associated with tasks (either to initiate a Task for the first time or connect it with an existing Task) was possible, it is not.
You have heard many of us go on about the integration of email into IQTell but in the end, it killed them. Microsoft moves at will and without regard to the efforts of smaller developers and some 10 years later and after their acquisition of Wunderlist, connecting email and tasks is vital to the new O365 model. Some have also mentioned Flow-e, another good and valiant effort but they too, got clobbered but this time, by mighty Google and that linkage disappeared overnight. This week, your competitor announced (as if it was the Second Coming) the roll-out of full-integration with outside email from within their solution. OK, well, perhaps they will pull it off but I would be skeptical long term. History does repeat itself.
So, here is my point - this level of email client integration is not absolutely necessary. It was either you or one of your Developers who mentioned some time ago, that such a thing would be a very big bite for you. Excuse my Latin, but damn straight it would be. I know that. The potential drag on resources and bandwidth and the real possibility that the two 800lb.Gorillas might change something up on you and dash your efforts to pieces in days, call that logic into question. Google is approximately 7 months from eliminating the 3rd-party cookie, upon which millions make some modest but critical ad-revenue. You think they care? They do not. You and we and yes, ClickUp (which frankly, is an overwhelming, hot mess) are like bugs on their windshield. So, I say don’t overreach. There is no need for it. I say that what most of us need from Infinity, is not much more than what Todoist, Asana and even very nice (but lacking full card-based GTD drag and drop) Amazing Marvin does - my User ID is assigned a unique “@infinity” address that I forward an email to, where a script parses the email’s Subject Line into the task Title, some or all of the email body text becomes my Infinity Task Description, it gets assigned a Task Due Date of today’s date and voila. Email is Task. Not perfect. I know I have to fix the slugged Task Title because a Task titled "FWD, FWD, FWD, blah-blah :wink: is silly but that is not a big deal. Oh, and If you can keep the attachment as part of that task payload that is even better. Yes, that is a bit of a security issue, but maybe we can assume that most Infinity Users know by now that the Nigerian Prince who has promised to send them a portion of the 1.5 billion dollars of Bitcoin that Elon Musk just bought, is not really being sincere? Methinks Infinity users are smart enough to handle that. So, bottom line, is go simple - an email, any email, totally agnostic whether it is forwarded out of Outlook or Gmail (even Proton encrypted email) gets forwarded to a unique Infinity address, where you deconstruct it and drop it into 4-5 Infinity Task fields. Boom. Done. An Achem’s Razor solution. Now, a bunch of us are happy and, speaking for myself, I could completely cut over to Infinity. Then I could go on to rant about the fascination all your younger generation of Developers seem to have with these high gamma, iridescent Easter Egg color palettes. Ha. :wink:

Hello @rich, thank you so much for a detailed post and for explaining your point of view so eloquently. :slight_smile:

Now, although I understand your need for this feature and fully understand some other tools on the market have this kind of an email-to-task connection as basic functionality, for now, it’s not a top priority in Infinity.

We definitely plan to implement it, and we know that it’s important to many people in our community. But then again, there are so many other features which people are very vocal and passionate about - automation, reminders, recurring tasks, notes, sub-tasks, to name just a few.

It’s very challenging for us to try to navigate those passionate requests and streamline our prioritization process when deciding what we will work on next. And we probably don’t always make the perfect decision, but it’s not an exact science I’m afraid, so there will always be the human factor in there, a bit of subjectivity, etc. :slight_smile:

That being said, Gmail integration is on the roadmap and it’s planned, you can keep track of it here. But it will probably have to wait for some other current priorities to get completed - automation being the biggest, most challenging task for our devs at the moment.

Hope that make sense. :slight_smile:


Jovana, thank you for your kind reply. I am obviously quite late in responding to it, because, frankly, I switched off to my other task manager, TickTick. While I long to take advantage of the design and methodology I see in Infinity, I simply cannot function effectively without flipping emails into Tasks. And I know I am not alone. At all.

I understand the challenge of triaging Customer requests and “must-haves” and maintaining your development schedule. We have been in the software development world for nearly 35 years and while our solution is a very niche’d, vertical one, the problem is fundamentally the same.

But you are making a mistake with this one -Task management is inexorably connected to email exchanges with clients, colleagues, and others. While Asana tried to convince the world that email integration with task management was unnecessary, they were wrong and ultimately relented. This is one of the reasons you hear so many reports from former IQTell users because they executed on this so well (although full side-by-side email management proved to be unnecessary). Flow-E did a pretty credible job with the email/task integration but then saw their model turned upside down when Gmail made the “certification” demands they did and they were forced to abandon Gmail integration. And frankly, why any business user would depend on Gmail for business communications, is beyond me. If you are a business with a Gmail address, I, for one, can’t help but wonder how serious you are if you can’t afford to have your own domain-based email which is so inexpensive these days. And it should be noted that every one of your Infinity’s competitors offers it, as well.

The frustrating thing for me and again, I am sure others, is that I know executing on this is not particularly challenging from a coding perspective. The scripts are out there that already do this. I run my own ESP and have sent over a billion marketing emails in 8 years, and I can tell you that setting this up for the modest amount of forward/relaying that Infinity customers would actually execute, would be minuscule by email sending standards and it would be at a nominal expense using well-tested, opensource code. You assign each Infinity Subscriber a unique address, which they use to forward an email to Infinity that then parses out the email’s date, a hardwired ToDo date of “Today”, the subject line becomes the Task Description and you pull the email body copy (full or partial) into the Task Notes. Done.

Johana, this email/task battle has gone on for years. What you say does make sense at one level. But at another, it does not. Infinity has almost everything a User could possibly need as it relates to the Task Attributes you mention and it is very elegantly executed and intuitive. I can tell that your devs understand process/flow and the importance of intuitive Tab Order.

This is something that your principal competitor (I think) does not understand - they keep jamming in features and functionality to their solution but the “experience” (as everybody likes to call it these days) is a visual/GUI mess. Unusable, as far as I am concerned… and there are hundreds of Users telling the same thing for well over a year. You have this all over them. But you don’t have this simple email to Task conversion. If you did, I am sure there are many more who would join your ranks.


I’m agreeing with Rich on this one. We came to Infinity from a competitor (which we still have a subscription to) and I keep it for the sole purpose of the type of e-mail integration that he mentions. In our case, we use a form to e-mail function on our website that clients fill out. The form submission then goes to the competitor (each board gets a unique e-mail address) and this e-mail then creates a task. The task is then assigned to one of our volunteers (we are a non-profit) to follow up on and work with the client’s request.

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OMG, do I get it right that INFINITY can not be used for recieving and sending and integrating emails? REALLY? OMG OMG. We run boutuque agency representing artists and we need to track email conversations with many external subjects like theaters, concert halls, promoters and other companies. We need to attach email conversation hostory to our “clients”. Email conversations are main form of communication in our business and it won’t change in next XX years I am sure. I can not imagine doing copy paste from email app to Infinity comment over and over… So please tell me it can be done already and emails can be integrated like in all other CRMs out there. Thank you.

Hello, Marek, welcome to the community.

You are correct, there is no traditional email integration at this time. Keep in mind that Infinity is NOT a CRM tool and it’s not sold as a CRM tool.

It does have CRM capabilities and can be used manually as a very good basic CRM board but I would not rely upon Infinity for mission critical CRM functionality.

Infinity is best described as a flexible productivity tool. Specifically an alternative to Trello and also capable of replacing tools like ClickUp, Airtable, Asana, etc. but for full featured CRM or active marketing actions it is probably going to fall short of what you need.

Infinity has been one of my favorite, most used and most recommended tools for several years now, but I still use a dozen other tools in conjunction. Never a great idea to use a hammer to drive a screw.

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Hello and thank you for kind words.
It is my misunderstanding of a tool of course – yet the web copy and pictures were a bit misleading to me as well to be honest :slight_smile:
Now a after some hours spent I understand more what I can Infinity use for and for what not. I really like the visual design of the tool. It is clean. It is quite customizable too, right?
I may try it more – to track some activities. Still I would LOVE to be able to have email communication attached to contact and/or business case. Imagine we have small agency representing artists (classical music). We communicate with theatres, music halls etc. mainly via email (and phone or in person). We can not invite every external partner inside Infinity (even I know we can share board – than we will have to have a separate board for every theater, promoter or music hall etc – that means hundreds of them). And we (me and my colleagues) want/need to be substitutable: manager1 will make a part of a work/sales process, manager2 will finish it – and he needs to have previous email communication at her/hos disposal. Does that make sense?
So I may try to work things around, who knows, maybe I will find how to make our process more simple and effective at the end – due to constraints :slight_smile:
One thing I hope to achieve – to have a big picture view.
Maybe I see Infinity more like Omnigroup INBOX, but for teams and with some project management functions :smile:

Hello, Jovana and Team. After receiving a recent “What Can We Do To Be Better” email, I returned to this, the perennial request that I and others have had for years. And once again, disappointment. So, as before, Infinity is more elegant and flexible than ever, but the failure to include this most fundamental function of sending an email to a dedicated email address that would then allow us to sort the email into a Task, Note, the start of a Project, whathaveyou, is a non-starter for me. And frankly, I don’t get it. It baffles me, as do responses like “we aren’t a CRM system.” Well, we don’t need Infinity to be a full-blown CRM system, of which there are already 100s. “CRM” is, in effect, nothing more than a glorified version of freely-associated data connected to a Primary Customer or Prospect record with associated triggered responses. I entirely agree with the Teams’s response re: being a CRM system. We don’t want Infinity to be “just another” CRM system, like so many of which are abandoned by Users in droves because they over-complicate what is actually needed. Just give each Infinity User a dedicated/internal email address that dumps an email into a top-level, GTD-style Inbox for triage into the folder, project, or workspace of our choice. That’s it. Don’t need Infinity to do any more than that. There is not a Task or Project management product that I am aware of (and I have been at this forty years and have paid Developers millions to develop desktop and web-based products)… not Todoist, TickTick, NimbusNote, Asana, Trello, always lost Microsoft ToDo, insanely overwrought Click-up, who don’t have this functionality. With one or two exceptions in that list, none of them “get” what Infinity mostly “gets.” As Albert Einstein once said about his notoriously messy office desk and office: “That, young Sir, is not a messy desk, it is, in fact, a wealth of free association which I have organized in a way that it also unleashes my imagination.” Team Infinity, the Input side of your elegant, efficient, and flexible design cannot help but involve email messaging, which is part of everyone’s life. “Zero” Inbox is a joke. CRM is a gross exaggeration except for the largest Organizations. The failure to work this into the Infinity solution is IMHO Infinity with one of my hands handcuffed to the desk, my phone, or my tablet. And I will be so bold as to say that programming this functionality in a minimalist way does not require any particularly heavy lifting. I know that this borders on my being the obnoxious non-technical User who thinks everything he thinks you should do, “should” be easy, but I offer it from my first-person experience, and I think you understand that I am right. If you care to respond further or if I can help flow chart it, you can shoot me an email at:], and I will know it in an instant :wink: