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I love this :slight_smile: @landofawz

Thank you very much for sharing.



Great mention, @landofawz
I use Gmail-to-Trello too. There are several Gmail integrations from other apps, as I mentioned in earlier posts, that provide great examples for Infinity to evaluate.

@coa, also consider that Trello, Evernote, Todoist and ClickUp have this same feature set for Outlook/O365 with their Microsoft add-ins. Each is a great example without requiring third party app/extension.

My current solution to address Infinity’s missing email integration feature is using the Trello and ClickUp integrations for both Gmail and O365 in conjunction with Zapier. It works, but having to send to Trello or ClickUp, wait for the Zap, then move the item where I want it in Infinity is a momentum killer. It’s also chewng up my Zapier credits at an already pace. Hope to see infinity catch up soon!

This really is the dream list of integrations for infinity.



@infinity.justs, great app mentions.

I don’t use O365 so don’t have to deal with that.

Currently, this is what I do

  1. For Gmail, use Gmail-to-Trello and add to my Inbox (I use GTD Methodology)

  2. For things on websites, I use Add-to-Trello Chrome Extension. Again to Inbox

  3. For anything on my Android phone, I use the Trello App so I can share to it and put things into Inbox.

  4. Every morning, I import the Trello Inbox to Infinity then move the correct folder. As a side not, I have a top level folder called “Everything” then have sub-folders for each area of responsibility. This way, I can see everything roll up.

  5. After the import, I go back to trello and use Multi-Select-for-Trello Chrome Extension so I can just click on the Inbox List (selecting all the cards) and delete all of them in a couple of clicks.

  1. I also maintain my recurring items in Trello and they pop up at the top of my Inbox at the appropriate time.

It’s my hack, but works pretty well. I find it smooth without my resistance for me to use.



First of all, @landofawz, great use case (or maybe workaround :wink:). I"m a big fan of GTD (and OKRs btw) and would like to use Infinity exclusively in my workflow. Some time ago I put this suggestion: Team Inbox / Personal Inbox and if it were implemented, the next step would be to have email integration first, and then integration from other apps.



@man Thanks!

Your suggestion is great, too!

I’m not familiar with the acronym OKR. It sounds great!



Thank you @landofawz :slight_smile:

OKR = Objectives, Key Results
Although some people say it’s totally diferent from GTS, I like it to help me with focusing in my Engage mode (and can be extended to the whole team/company).



Thanks for the response. That is a pretty good workaround. I use a little easier method.
I setup several Zaps for my most important Trello/Infinity boards. I use the native Trello Gmail and O365 integrations to send any items to an ‘Incoming’ card on each Trello board and then Zapier automatically pushes those cards to the relevant Infinity board.

It all happens in the background and then I can go to Infinity and those items are waiting for me to sort, edit, update. Trello does an exceptional job of pulling in the important points so that the end result is very good. (E.g. if all of the action items that I needed were in the body of the original email, that text is now on the Infinity card. I can easily copy and paste as multiple subtasks.)

This is about 70% as good as having a native option in Infinity and I have it honed down well enough that I can get by until the Infinity team can bring us these important feature upgrades :smiley:

I also have several Zapier accounts to keep from going past my free limits during busy weeks.

One more tip if you are like me and have multiple businesses or roles, you can use Wavebox to setup multiple identities where you can easily move between multiple accounts/workspaces in one browser. (I.e. I have 5 Gmail accounts and 2 O365 accounts that I use for different company roles. I have each setup as a profile with all of the apps that I use in that role. I have two Infinity accounts, one tied to a GApps account and one tied to an O365 account. With Wavebox I can swicth between the accounts with a single click without ever having to login or out. That is also how I manage 3 Zapier accounts simultaneously.)

This is what that looks like:



I agree entirely @man
I have been grabbing OKR templates from Trello, ClickUp, Monday, Airtable and anywhere else I can find them, importing them to Trello and then importing those into Infinity. They are not quite right without the email integration (even with some Zapier tinkering) but not too bad.

The one used by Hubspot and Buffer seems to fit one of my teams well (OKR).

One of my clients uses this one: OKR Roadmap
I find the V2MOM method from Salesforce interesting as well.

I am hoping at some point I can get savvy enough with Infinity (assuming the necessary functionality also comes) to build a similar setup to Profit, which is an excellent OKR tool.



Hey y’all!

Just a huge, huge shout for all of you who have shared your feedback and ideas. You rock!

Here’s something that might help:

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Same here regarding email to board/card for Trello as well as direct integration in Outlook to add items and actions to add cards from Drafts.

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IQTell… oh, the pain and the joy of it all. So, as a new guy (entrepreneur in systems development, digital marketing, social media, independent film, television projects, father, husband and all-around “why not try” guy) on Infinity who has been wandering through Task/Project apps for 40 years, some quick thoughts:

  • I am thrilled to have found Infinity. I have come off of ClickUp and TickTick because I see and sense the care and attention to design in Infinity. My intent here is to encourage Team Infinity to deliver an email integration of some sort.

  • I say “some sort” because in my view, as laudable/insane as it may be on paper, a task/project world is always going to involve email (at least, incoming). Even the “no email” task/project management folks have added extensions (not a Zapier connection) to flip emails into tasks…Of course, Team Infiinity knows this.

  • IQTell, was the only previous generation developers who “got it” in combining a complete email client program into GTD Task platform. No Kanban back then but a thing of beauty. And then, Microsoft (I have been a MS Partner for 30 years) killed them. On purpose? Not really. IQTell just could not keep up with the protocols determined by Microsoft Office.

Next, in a variation of the full email integration, there was Flow-E that wrapped itself around both O365 (and still does) and Gmail. Except the email client wars (all connected to the money-making part of the big ISPs like Gmail) heated up and Google’s new requirements for brave but small Flow-E forced them to disable the Gmail integration. Another version of a “full” email integration, half-alive.

Now, I would argue that since most Task solutions are businesses-oriented, no business should be using Gmail because of what it says about your branding (none) and business (yikes, you can’t afford a private email domain?) but that is another thread.

So, please Infinity Team (and I know you already know this is for emphasis mostly) - no need to over-reach on email to task functionality. It is boots-on-the-ground critical in my view. Don’t make Todoist’s mistake of promising it for too long then releasing the “new Version” and not deliver it to then find out that a whole bunch of people who don’t necessarily chime in on Forums wanted it. And so, they went looking elsewhere, as I did to TickTick. If you can then connect my out-going email to the client/task great, too But first thing’s first, right?

OK, end of an old man’s email integration/IQTell/GTD rant… no I mean “post”.

Did I forget to mention that I would really like to see a solid, simple email to task integration? Because based on all the good thinking and exquisite engineering I see already see on these Pages, this is a “no-brainer”.



I wish I had the opportunity to experience IQTell before it went down. People either never heard of it, or quickly named it as their favorite tool. I have used Flow-E, and switched to Infinity just after.

Please Infinity, I’m on email all day. I’d love a native integration.

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