My tasks - individual user filter


According to my other post, very usefull feature would be “My tasks” - something like auto-filter dedicated for every user and visible only for him.

I know, that it partly can be managed by tabs for team members and filtering their tasks there - and it’s OK, when you’ve got a few (2 or 3) team members (and the same amount of tabs for them), but when you’ve got 10 or more team members, then you need 10 tabs just to filter their tasks to make their work possible. In this case, larger team = more tabs just to filter their actions. And now imagine, if one of team members that has tab on the far right changes its position to the first left. It’s a chaos making machine.

If Infinity is for working in groups larger than a few people with delegating tasks, something like “my tasks” from Asana is a must.



I agree with Bartosz. It is strange that filters are joint and when I set filters anyone can change it. This make a big mess when You try work on the same view tab at the same time with someone other from team. You don’t know who is inside this view with You. In other collaborative tools you see who is is with you in document.
‘My task’ option/view is very needed.



Hi @Bartosz and @piotr.cieluchowski, as was discussed in the other post, we’re planning to add this feature to our roadmap, but it’s still a challenging feat for our product team.

Thanks for opening it as a new topic so that other community members can also vote on it. :slight_smile: