Filter on responsible = [me]

Hi! I want to set up a view for open actions assigned to the logged-in user only, but I’m not able to find any filter option to select “Responsible” = logged-in user, similar to the = [me] filter in Sharepoint. Is this on the roadmap?

Hey @beritrep,

You can filter out the ‘Members’ attribute to be a certain person belonging to your board.

Check out the screenshot:

Let me know if you’ve made it! :slight_smile:

Sure I can, but if I have 15 members, I’d rather have one view called “my view” than 15 views (one for Alex, one for Betty, one for Catherine…). It would also require me to create a new view every time we change the team. Is it possible with a filter that uses the logged-in user?

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This was addressed before Here, but it got lost I think. I’m with you! I know that permissions is something in development right now… @coa maybe it is time for a re-visit?


P.S. I think the “Multiple label type attribute behavior” should be revisited as well. I’ll bet a community vote would be heavily in favor of viewing attributes in multiple columns, instead of grouping by unique attribute combinations… :slight_smile:

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Or being able to choose between “viewing attributes in multiple columns,” or “grouping by unique attribute combinations” so we could have the benefit of using the one that’s most appropriate for the use-case.

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+1 for configurability. Always!

Thanks @BaiJie for sharing the ‘Multiple label type attribute behavior’ topic.

I’m sure we can revise it :slight_smile: As always, peeps, feel free to put your vote and opinion over there.