Need an Inbox for assigned cards

A per-user Inbox showing assigned cards across multiple projects within a workspace would be fantastic.

Hi @micheal, I think you’re talking about the same thing that is discussed in this thread: See all tasks assigned to a user across all boards and workspaces

If you are, could you add some feedback or examples of what you think works well in that convo? :smile:


You’re absolutely right. I tried deleting this post, but I don’t have permission to do so. Admins feel free!

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What is worth mentioning is that a personal dashboard is not a personal inbox. In an inbox all items (tasks/notes) are gathered from external sources (brain :wink:, mails, meetings) like was mentioned here but a dashboard is like you said place where you can see all your tasks and possibly other info.


I see value in both. Perhaps a dashboard is an MVP that could grow into something with Inbox functionality.

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