See all tasks assigned to a user across all boards and workspaces

Have an option in the user dashboard view to see all tasks and comments assigned to the user throughout the entire Infinity system.

Especially helpful for users who are a part of multiple Workspaces, Boards, Teams and Folders.

Many apps have this feature such as Trello’s Up Next view, ClickUp’s All Spaces view, Asana’s See All My Tasks view, and Todoist’s Assigned to Me filter.


I like both the Clickup and Trello approach, but I’ll throw Ora into the mix too.

IMO - Ora does this so well. You have a personal dashboard that shows your agenda. I think it’s a little more “clean” and is easier for me to digest My Tasks vs stuff that didn’t get assigned.


I agree that this is VERY much needed and it is something I have been talking to Alek and Boka (support) about. I believe this is a structural issue right now as discussed in the AppSumo ORA deal (the discussion is about 1/4 way down in the comments are of the deal). Engineering seems to need some convincing on this one but that isn’t stopping me from doing the lifetime deal because I see the huge potential in this tool. I say make it very similar to the way ORA does it now (this IS a recently release feature) and all will be well in the world. Now, if we can just get automations and workflow nailed Infinity will be unstoppable. :slight_smile:


Yes, personal dashboard can be a very powerful tool (if apllied correctly). Here I paste Engage section (kind of personal dashboard) from personal productivity software FacileThings:

As you can see, there are visible following items:

  • next actions (with links to goals and projects)
  • calendar events (with links to goals and projects)
  • reminders
  • basic reporting

I think Infinity can do it even better in due time :smiley:


Yeah I have confidence in this team too even though I have only been here about 1 week. I already love how we can use the table view for things like products each client has, marketing calendar planning and even client contact info + reports (PDFs mainly). So far we are planning all client projects in one big project and the folders and sub-folders help us organize by clients. While ORA has folders I think Infinity has done a great job with their folder view. Now, we just need (perhaps) a global folder view for all projects kinda like ORA has but more like their Agenda view. I would love to see more discussion around this topic.


I totally agree!

This is crucial. I work with so many different teams and people.

Please make this happen! :pray:


I think one of the best ways for us to make some headway on this is to provide great examples of how similar platforms have handled this. It’s not to copy, but it’s so we can avoid reinventing the wheel.


I second to it, one of the most needed request for me, along with sorting by date and time. I have to discuss this on the live call that has been scheduled with the team next week, hope they have some solution for this.

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Agree with all of this: having an overview of tasks across all Workspaces/Boards is crucial, and a significant limitation currently. I work under at least three different brands and partners, which logically are different Workspaces, with client projects then separate Boards - it’s essential to be able to see what needs to happen in one view across all of that, both for my own tasks as well as those assigned to others. I understand this may be a technical challenge to the guys at Infinity, but one that has to be resolved to make this app as powerful as it looks set to become. As mentioned by others, other apps such as Clickup already do this well.


+1 for this feature! I adore the way has this implemented.


+1 for this feature. Would be a huge addition.


+1 also. It’s really the missing link in my opinion.Two things come to mind - calendar and assigned (sorted by tasks, etc.). Across all teams/boards. I think the key here is the ability to sort, which allows for tons of flexibility and at the same time keeps things simple.


Yes, they (ora) have an agenda view, that shows:
Next 7 days
All days
Weekly Plan

And you can also select if overdue items are visible or invisible.

Would love all that for infinity, too.

5 Likes has a bit more flexible setup that might mesh well with Infinity’s “infinite organization possibilities” theme… I did a quick screencast here:


Yes I agree we definitely need this. Also the ability to get notifications about a task that has past it’s due date, and constant reminders. Once it goes past a certain amount of reminders, the main admin should be notified.


Hi All,

It is good to join the community.

I support the request for the capability to be able to see all of your own ToDo items across all of the teams and workspaces in your dashboard. This is, I think, one of the major “must have” items for any project / task management tool. If I may suggest an enhancement?

Even with all of my todo’s in one place (a la Trello) I can still lose focus of what is important to do today, this week etc. as there is no easy way to plan which of the todo’s you will do when through the app. The current Trello style cards kind of incentivise (me at least) to work on items that are due today because that is what is showing as most urgent. This means for me that even with the power of a project management app, I am still reacting rather than planning.

Sunsama has an interesting approach where it allows you to plan daily activities, weekly activities etc by dragging the card to a day in a week view. This ability to make my dashboard dynamic by being able to select what items to work on when, would be enormously helpful.

If I were then able to see items that are going to be overdue because I have not planned to work on them or I have not allowed enough time to work on them, I am in a position to be able to have a good discussion about the deadlines or priorities with whomever is affected by the task not being completed as per the deadline.




Hey @dustine.dupreez!

Welcome to the Infinity Community forum, we’re delighted to have you here!

We need to seriously dig into this, and we appreciate all of the details and feedback.

Sunsama could be a great example, and I love the way you described the ‘spatial organization’ of our potential Calendar View (I hope you were implying to that specific one).

However, have you also tried using Columns view with a specific ‘Label’ attribute, which could have different tags such as ‘Daily activites’, ‘Weekly activities’, etc. ? :slight_smile:

Just brainstorming here, and sharing what crosses my mind. Hope you don’t mind.

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback!

Thank you @coa, I appreciate the welcome and the feedback

Using tags in that way may be a great interim measure and I will give that a go with my team to see how we can put that into our workflow.

To test the water a little, I am wondering if the requirements we have are coming from a slightly different place to some of the other teams? My team and in fact my organisation are not a software development company but rather a operational supply chain team working across multiple companies in a group as a group shared function. We don’t use scrum or sprints or any of these kinds of project methodologies that have been so useful in software development. (Whether that is good or bad is a topic for another discussion :grinning: )

Our issue is that we have multiple different projects with completely contrary focuses and entirely different businesses and teams that we are trying to juggle with too few resources. Not an unusual story I am sure. My/Our biggest challenge is the ability to actively plan what activities we are going to work on when for which company. I also need to challenge those organisations to plan their work in order to be effective.

For me, that means the ability to actively plan what I will do in a week month etc. and the Sunsama drag and drop idea works well. Where that can be improved is the ability to see if the work has been planned (on the card) and simulate whether or not we will meet the deadlines based on the planned work. Not sure if that clarifies, or just repeats what I have already said in a slightly different way.


+1 for this feature. :slight_smile:

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+1 for this feature as it is very much needed.

@coa and Infinity team please take a look at this video on best use of My Tasks in Asana for inspiration.