Nested tasks ("true" subtasks)

Hi! Loving Infinity so far, but I would like to see subtasks be more integrated, i.e. nesting a task within another. For example, nesting a task within another would make it appear indented under its parent in the List view; children would have a rearrangeable order within their parents; and, unlike References, they would not appear as their own entry in addition to being visually displayed in the referring task.

“References” are not quite enough of a hard link as I would like for subtasks, and Checkboxes, being single lines of text, are not as robust as full nested tasks.

Ideally, “Children” would be an Attribute type, and you could have multiple categories of children for one task. But that’s rather complex, both for the user and (I imagine) to implement, so just having one set of children would be enough.


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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve actually received suggestions on improving the subtask feature, and we’ll definitely hop into that functionality (focusing on the List View, sort of like Asana).

For now, they can only be made via ‘Checklist’ Attribute, but it’s gonna need a quite a bit polishing :slight_smile:


I have this need too, I would use Checklists but I can’t assign each bullet a team member (I was used to do this in Asana) so nested tasks (in my case with their own member in charge) would solve the situation.

The best view btw would be the one in with dependencies, start and end dates.


Hey @Francesca,

We’re definitely going to improve our subtasks functionality. Yes, the only way to separate or split your tasks into smaller sections is by using the ‘Checklist’ attribute.

We’ll get into it in roughly 2 weeks. :slight_smile:


Great @coa !
Does it go hand in hand with the Timeline board? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Timeline (or Gantt) is currently on hold. I’m sorry that we’ve delayed it a bit, but there are a lot of things on our plate, for sure.

However, it is going to be a part of the next major release (after this week’s payment system/platform), which will probably include App(s), Integrations and a new view. :slight_smile:

app :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

+1 for this (wish you guys had a voting system so we could see the most popular suggestions in a blink)


I’d really like to see this happen too. It will help a lot with my planning!


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Asana type of subtasks would be great. How’s work going with it? Can we expect it any time soon? Or at all?

Hi @Bartosz,

For now, Asana-like subtasks are not in our plans. At least not until we finish our current priorities, of which there are plenty. :grin:

Once we’re done with some major features we’re planning such as CSV import, mobile apps, Gantt view, permissions, public boards, reminders, archive, etc. we will start planning new big updates going to our roadmap.

:frowning: that’s not good to hear…

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I would also like to see subtasks, but in such a way to where you can nest them under parent tasks under each view type would be great. But also so that each subtask has the same functionality as a parent task. Preferably so that I can create a set date for it to be completed.

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Here’s the idea on how to organize tasks and subtask using Infinity’s folders and subfolders, as well as Reference attribute. :slight_smile:


I like it, @coa but I’m not sure if I understand everythinh. Could you explain it a little bit further? (Maybe you do it on video but I coudn’t hear anything).

The video is without any sound, @man :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure create another video with the voiceover. Thanks!


Great. With sound and clear explanation will help. Looking forward to it!

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So I played around with this a little bit because I think this would be awesome for a template I’m working on. I had no idea this was possible.

So you have your task directiory, and a subtask child directory (though the hierarchy doesn’t seem to matter). From in the child directory have your items use a reference to your task level items (top directory). When you go to your top level “task” directory and “customize” your view to show the “subtask” references, it will populate them as a link. If you open the top level task, you can do things like check off a checkbox or see assignments of a subtask, but it doesn’t show something like a checklist in the subtask. You’d have to click into it to see that.

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I have one suggestion, that while ticking a subtask done it will reflect the task progress percentage done, for example, we have 4 subtasks in a task, so if 1 subtask is done, the task shows the progress of 25%