Option to show deleted items


It would be really helpful, if it were possible to show deleted items and to be able to reactivate them…

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We requested this a while ago…

@coa Is this on the roadmap for infinity?



Hey guys!

Thanks for the heads up.

Yes, this feature is a must, and is in the roadmap. It’s probably going to be a sort of a ‘Recycle Bin’ or an Archive where you could see all items you’ve deleted in the process.

I think I’ve mentioned before, but how we at Infinity manage to track old/done items is that we’ve created a separate folder called ‘Archive’ where we put all of the due items.

Since we’ve recently enabled Activity Log as well, in combination with this ‘work-around’ solution, it’s been a solid alternative. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I don’t have a precise ETA for this feature, but we’re hoping to deliver it at least a month or so.

Thanks again!



Maybe you Can create special (automatic) folders called Archive and Trash and in the context menu create options “Archive” and “Delete”. so when user archives an item it automatically goes from present folder to system folder called “Archive” (for future reference). And when a user deletes an item it goes to a”Trash” folder and items reside there for 30 days (after that period they vanish permanently). If a user archives or deletes a folder they became sub folders.



Hey @man

Sure thing. Automation like that is very possible, but it’s necessary to create a structure for that before automating a flow. We’re actually currently using that flow in our organization:


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