REST API support

I guess before you can implement Webhook support you probably should have a basic REST API to query all the objects (which in turn can be used by webhooks, at their discretion)

I would prioritize the Item endpoint for queries and actions (get custom fields, move from list to list, etc.)

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This is of a huge importance to us, @igokov.

Thank you very much and cheers! :raised_hands:

Thankyou very much, This one is important. :slight_smile::smiley:

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What’s the status on the REST API implementation? I saw that there is already a connection to Zapier, so when will the general API of infinity be available? Can’t wait to switch our cms from airtable to infinity.

Have you guys also thought about an implementation with Integromat, also a popular automation flow service.

Hey @jnagle,

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I hope that the team will be available to work on API in Q2.

Also, we have integration with Integromat in the roadmap. :slight_smile: We’re considering it at the very moment, but we’ve also got bigger priorities such as performance finalizing, new infrastructure, integrations, etc.