Webhooks support


Webhooks are essential to help the users of the board affect the world outside Inifity.
It allows for custom logic to safeguard business invariants and also contacting 3rd party APIs to give more meaning to users actions on the board.

I’m not saying go “Full Butler Mode” from the get-go (more information below), but a basic webhook mechanism would be nice.

More information from Trello:


Automation Features Ideas/Master List
REST API support

Hey @igokov and welcome to Infinity Community! :slight_smile:

Public API / Integrations will be available in the near future, yes.

We might even get to see them in between mid-March to beginning of April.

Thank you very much for sharing this! Webhooks are a must. :slight_smile:

You rock. :metal:



Webhook API (and a public API) has been the core reason why I thus far haven’t been able to switch properly from Trello. We’ve setup various Kotlin scripts that automate a lot of boilerplate work and I simply can’t ask the team to do all of that manually.

I bought the lifetime subscription and at the time this was mentioned as a soonish feature - Is there an update on when it will be implemented now as the roadmap didn’t make it clear when it would be coming.

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@lumenon_infinity, hi!

Welcome to our CF, it’s great to have you here.

I completely understand you.

The situation right now is that Webhooks (or public API) is on a medium priority list, which is often in the process of being defined.

But as a lot of our members are actively asking for it, I’ll make sure to advocate for it to become a high priority feature. I’ll ping @stefan, our CEO, our CTO @damir89, and make sure to make an urgent suggestion in the queue.

Hope I’ll have more details during the week :slight_smile: