See all tasks assigned to a user across all boards and workspaces

@man I agree with you!

@man I strongly agree.

I strongly disagree with the perspective shared by @man and for my use case I would definitely need this feature to work across multiple workspaces. Obviously, we do not share the same workflow, style, or requirements.

I understand that some people can be overwhelmed by having too much information. I am not one of those people.

The whole point of my request was to gain a dashboard where I can see everything that I have going on across my multiple roles. From there, I can decide where to drill down and focus. There really is no point in building this feature if it is limited to a single workspace. That is basically the situation we have today. If you are only concerned with seeing assigned tasks in a single workspace/role, you can probably achieve that via search or a simple filter. The point of this feature request is gaining a high-level, global view that cannot be easily accomplished via search.

I already have to jump around between my various roles and companies to try and figure out where my priorities lie each day. Limiting the aggregated view to a single workspace would leave me in the same predicament as I am in today.

The solution, it seems, is to build the aggregated view feature and allow each user to select between individual or multiple workstation aggregation. In this way, both types of users’ needs are respected and met.


I think the point @infinity.justs put forth is critical. I agree with the solution as he articulated it.


Personally I feel like this should be implemented as simply another view that can be setup with pretty much the same options as views done inside a board, but then aggregating multiple or specific boards. (Like the global views we can create top-level).

This way everyone can be happy by the community simply sharing view filters.
The assigned-to-you view is nothing more than a filter on X labels that refer to you as a member.

Personally I use Infinity now as a project planning setup, and with such a global view I could see the amount of work left on all projects easily and aggregate it into cost planning.

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For what it’s worth, for the time being the solution I’d like to see is simply an aggregation of tasks that are soon due/due today/overdue in the whole workspace because I don’t want any tasks to slip through the cracks. A simple list with links would suffice.

Of course , Infinity is a team collaboration software, so it can be developed further:

  • a team member sees only tasks (due soon/due today/overdue) assigned to him/her
  • a board owner sees all tasks (due soon/due today/overdue) in his/her board + assigned to him from other boards
  • a workspace member sees everything in the workspace: task that are due soon/due today/overdue

And as @stefan pointed out in the this thread replicating everything in the dashboard would be unreadable and performance-demanding. For me, a simple list with links would be okay and later the team can add/change the features.

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I think this suggestion by @man is a good start. It seems like it’s not to complicated to implement as a starting point for this oh-so-necessary feature.

For inspiration, here is another solid app with a very good global tasks overview.

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Amen to this one. Configurability for the win.


I think this is absolutely needed to work with teams with more than 5 or 6 members.
Maybe, a solution could be the creation of the concept of “Current user” and including this user in assignees list. Then, we can create a filter as Asignee = Current User, and each user see his own items when show that filter, for example in the Board Overview by default.


@jose I think the idea of your concept “current user” is great. Hope the team will integrate it soon.

@jose and @micck
See Here and Here for more requests regarding this feature.
The Community forum has started getting big enough that there are a lot of forgotten requests from early on, and a lot of repeat requests for what seem to be the most valuable functionality to the community.

@coa I believe there is going to be a new roadmap board to improve visibility/progress of requested functionality, is that right?


Thanks, guys!

That is correct, we’re preparing a new public board in which we’ll give updates about everything we’re working on, all your suggestions, etc. (waiting for ‘Vote’ attribute).

As we’ve mentioned in the last update, our team is having a last working day for this year, and will be on a vacation until Jan 8. :slight_smile:

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Have a great break. You deserve it. Then come back full of energy and make Infinity even more awesome than it already is :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @paulsmithson!

2020 is going to be a great year, I promise. :slight_smile:

We’ll grow faster, improve our product faster and make your suggestions come true much more, as time passes and each year comes.

Cheers! Happy New Year.


Totally agree. This feature is also essential for me.


This is also essential for me.


It seems I work in a similar way to @infinity.justs.

To be able to view tasks across all workspaces would be essential for me. Currently I am unable to use Infinity for the way I need to work. If I need to go into each workspace to see the tasks assigned to me, I can see tasks ‘slipping through the cracks’. This is because currently I am unable to see a complete overview across all my workspaces and boards.

How Asana does this is very useful - Today, Upcoming (within 7 days I believe), and Later

To be able to configure this ‘Across All Workspaces’ View based on how the user would like to view it would mean it is an extra useful feature.


@coa any update on this? I am trying to determine if this is the best tool for me and this feature is absolutely crucial so it would be nice to get some sort of timeline on it if possible. I would also like to see where it stands amongst other feature requests to determine how high of a priority it is for infinity.

thank you!


@coa I agreee I’m desperately trying to use Infinity because I love the idea and most of it but without being able to see all the assigned tasks it’s becoming a massive headache. Unfortunately might have to move back to Clickup :frowning: