URL field display

The URL field displays each URL as a small fav.ico.
Is there any way to just have it display the URL? I find it quite irritating to not see the URL itself displayed.


Here’s a request I posted that relates to your request. It concerns to how links URLs display in table view:

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Hey @scholvien,

If you hover your mouse over the favicon, the URL should display.


We’re going to improve this feature, of course. :slight_smile:


It i snot a bad idea to show the favicon. A lot of sites do not have one though, so its a lot of grey boxes in some tables. favicon + URL display would be good. I mean, not on hover but just displaying it directly. Anyways, noted tht you guys are still working in this.

By the way I noted one thing. Imported boards that were imported from csv do not show a favicon in the link field, even when they have one. They need to be saved again in same field and then it is populated. Not sure that is expected behavior.

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After using this for a while I do have to say though that it is very useful to be able to put several links into one cell. Makes some of my tables much more organized.

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Please make default display of URLs plain text (perhaps with the favicon in front). And please don’t truncate URLs.

Hey there @linuslorentzen :wave:

Welcome to the community we are glad to see you here :+1:

You can change how your link is displayed by using our customize button. You can decide to see a favicon + link as well, here’s where you can find those options:

Hope that helps :pray:

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