Update: 3. August 2019


Hey guys, here’s what’s new in Infinity:

  • Import CSV (Beta) :1st_place_medal:
  • New Onboarding :2nd_place_medal:
  • Mobile Responsive Improvements :3rd_place_medal:
  • Small performance optimizations
  • Long text attribute bugs fixed
  • Custom decimal number format now have precision
  • Label bugs fixed
  • Table summary improvements
  • Board name input is removed - rename option added

Note that Import CSV in Folder feature is in beta, we couldn’t test all use cases, so if you run into bugs please report them via live chat.

Features in progress and planned for August:

  • Calendar View Refactor + Day/Week
  • Mobile Apps (Android and ios)
  • Dashboard and Settings Redesign + New Options
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Performance Improvements
  • Zapier Final Improvements


Nice update, can not wait for the app and advanced permissions. Is there a ETA on the gnatt view?

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@JaY, hey!

Thanks for the kind words.

Hopefully, we’ll get Gantt Charts done in September :slight_smile:


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When is the rich text editor coming to comments? It’s been promised months ago, and I bought based on that promise =/

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Hey @etiennejuneau,

I firmly believe we didn’t give a timeframe for rich text options in Comments, but rather that at one stage of Infinity software, we’ll introduce more advanced options for Comments feature.

We were confident to release Text Formatting Improvements to the Long Text attribute, but we’re still testing the current update, which has been a bit problematic, but nothing we couldn’t fix and solve.

So I can’t give you a precise time for what you’ve asked, but as mentioned before, i believe Comments will receive an upgrade in the future.

Thank you!



Regarding the Import CSV option: It would be great to be able to import into an already existing folder.

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Hey @micck,

I’ve added your suggestion to the queue.

However, I had this idea:

What you can try is to import your CSV file into a fresh new folder, and then make it a subfolder of a current (parent) folder.

With that action, you can use a ‘Folder Overview’ feature to combine the data from those folders.

Just an idea :slight_smile:



Thanks coa, I will try that!